Beginning of Summer Studio 2012- Exploring How to Document a Site

First Day of Class…

We are asked to Split up into groups and Walk/Measure/Draw NJIT commons between Warren Street and Central Avenue. As a team we had to decide how we would measure the site we and then how we would represent that in drawing. We decided to use our Pace as a Unit of Measure  and use that to measure prominent features on the site to begin to understand scale and proportion of the features of the Commons. We decided that the two greens in the center of the NJIT commons where the center points off of which the rest of the campus is organized around. So we drew them in plan and tried to show the buildings that border it to explain the boundaries of the commons. The mistakes we made was that we did not day the central ave boundary of the commons is our plan and should have used heavier line weights on our Plan and section to better diagram our attitude on the NJIT commons.


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