Team Field Investigation- Park Ave/ 7th Regiment Armory

Park Ave

Mike, Kami, and I were sent out to investigate the urban condition of Park avenue.  Park Ave is a 140 feet  wide boulevard that carries north- and southbound traffic. For most of its length, it runs parallel to Madison Ave  to the west and Lexington Ave to the east. It starts at 33 Street and ends on 134th street. By doing some historical research we found that fifth avenue used to actually have a railroad track on it and that is why it was able to evolve into a road with two ways of traffic and a green boulevard in the middle as the city developed.

7th Regiment  Armory

The Armory is located along Park avenue  and 67th Street and fills the entire block. The building was designed by architect  Charles Clinton in the Gothic Revival style and completed in 1880. It was originally used as an armory and stored weapons but in the 1900’s it turned into an event space where artist could exhibit there work. In 1913 it was the space where modern art was present first in the United States. Since then a lot of progressive up and coming artist us this space to show case their work. When we were there an up an coming artist Tom Sachs was using the large armory space to exhibit his “Space Program Mars” collection.


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