Team Field Investigation-Bowling Green/ US Custom House


The Blowing Green is a park  located basically at the lower end of  of Broadway in the part of Manhattan considered the Final District. Broadway basically splits off to  hug the park on two sides of the park and then becomes to new streets.  Bowling green it self was built-in 1773 and is the oldest public park in New York city. It is still surrounded by its original 18th century Fence. The park itself is in fact a bowl it is circular in plan with two entries both parallel to Broadway which limits the circulation in the park two flow in one direction. Not only is the park circular in plan but it also has a circulation fountain in the middle that is surrounded by a circular bed of flowers then there is a path around the bed of flowers which also extends to the two entries into the park, followed by a benches that flow along the edges of the path. What is organizationally interesting to me about  the design of the park is the organization of the interior space which is dictated by the edge condition of the original 18th century fence as well as the fountain in the middle. The park plan really gives the illusion when you are in it that you are in a circular space due to the radical organization of the program. Giving the illusion that you are in fact in a bowl, when in fact  the park space is not quite a circle in plan.

Further it is interesting to consider the relationship between The Bowling green and the US Custom House. The first thing that I noticed while at the bowling green was the alignment of the entrance to the us custom house with the bowling green. The steps of the custom house align with the southern entrance of the bowling green and serve as a pretty prominent public space in an of themselves there. while spending a few hours there i noticed people gathering on the steps and eating lunch on them if the benches in the bowling green were occupied. I did it myself and noticed that in fact it was a nice substitute to sitting in the park because on the steps you can get a pretty great view of the fountain and enjoy the green in central due to its interesting design in plan. The picture below is a picture I took while eating lunch on the steps of the US custom house.


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