Piranesi Carceri – Reinterpreted


Assignment: Design a space on the NJIT campus that is motivated by a Pirenasi drawing.

I picked the bell tower plaza next to the student center that is the termination of summit street. What made me decide to pick this site was because Pirenasi did a lot of bridging of vertical and horizontal space in his work. I took this as an opportunity to connect elevated over pass with the plaza itself. Like Pirenasi simultaneously engages levels in his paintings with the use of hanging ropes of chandlers in many of his plates.

I Started doing this in my model by making a path way from the elevated overpass to the ground plan of the NJIT plaza.

The form for the design of  my path was inspired by the archways that Pirenasi uses in his plates. what i did was actually cut the arch out of my replicated Pirenasi and start to work with to reconfigure its 2D characteristics into three dimensional froms that would begin to define space in the plaza.


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