Team Field Investigation : Union Square Park


Union Square Park: Is a park downtown, where Broadway and Park Ave start to pinch together. What is interesting to note is that Broadway actually cuts diagonally through the park in plan.



1. Transit Diagram- Not only is Union Square a park but it is also a major transit hub in the city. There are 3 different entrees to the subway at various points around the park.

2. Noli Map Diagram- showing the parts of the park that are actually public space. As you can see a large part of the park is fenced off from public use. Most of the park area is covered with grass plots that are surrounded by a cast iron fence that look like they are not supposed to be used by the public.

3. Activated Spaces- Most of the Activated space is on the north and south side of the park, on the south there are a series of steps that act as an entrance into the park and also a gathering stop where people come to meet there friends or just sit on the steps to watch passer-bys and street traffic. These steps serve as a great public space in the city. The North of the park hosts many farmers markets and other events and is very highly utilized many days a year.

Sections of Union Square

Sketchs of Union Square Top my Me and Bottom by may partner Homan


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