Watercolor sketch models


This past Week our assignment for creating sketch models was watercolors and watercolor paper. Normally I associate this medium as a 2d drawing material not something that I would construct a 3d object out of it. So it was an interesting challenge to explore watercolor conventions in a 3d way.

The images above are examples of models that were made throughout the past week, with an image of what they are a representation of below.


1. Is an representation of bowling green park in lower manhattan. With this model my team and I where trying to emphasize the focal point of the park and show that the fountain in the middle is the Most activated and centralized area of the space basically the who space radiates from the fountain. By cutting out strips of watercolor paper and painting them with different intensity of color and different colors, we were able to depict that the fountain is a highly activated space that is intact the focal point of the park. This was done by making the strips red in that area and make them tall.

2. Is a representation of the US Custom House. The rotunda in the middle of the building is a centralized focal point and we tried to empathize that by using the same technique as model 1.

3. Is a model of Bernini’s fountains. He designed many of the fountains in Rome one of them can be seen in the image below. He used the reflection of the water I the fountian as a tool to illuminate and highlight the statues that usually represented religious concepts in the middle of the fountian. So I constructed a circular fountain because most of the fountains he made were circular and watercolored the water
To empathize the role that it played in illuminating the statues that he placed in his fountains.


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