Team Field investigation:Pocket Parks, Morgan library

Paley Park is one of the first of a series of Pocket Park built in the city.It has rather a simple plan, slightly elevated from the street and has a water fountain at the end of the park with serves as the parks focal point. The park is rather dark due to the tall buildings around it and designed in a minimalistic fashion, which to me makes it appeal serene.

Plan of a later Pocket Park in Midtown Greenacre Park. This Park is more Dynamic with a variety of separate setting areas. this park also has a water fountain on its end but the water fountain is less flat and almost appears more naturalistic.

The section of Greenacre serves to also create a variety of seating spaces in the park, some of which are not so well perceived upon entry.

View into Green acre Park from the street

The Renzo Piano’s addition to The morgan library.

Also acts like a void in between two existing structures like the pocket parks. Renzo constructed this addition so it was light and ethereal and almost a resting spot in the museum kind of like the pocket parks of midtown.


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