Palladio in Vicenza

href=””&gt; PALAZZO DELLA REGIONE- Consist three individual medieval building with a large auditorium space resting on top of the three medieval buildings. And the exterior Palladio addition acts like a curtain concealing the medieval buildings.[/caption]<a h

Old Medieval building on the inside of the Regione vs. the Renaissance Palladio curtain.

TEATRO OLMPICO- sketch plan showing the stage layout as well as theater layout (stage set plays with audience sense of presceotion by creating a mock perspective), a section of the teatro showing how stage set is actually angled to give the viewer a sense of perspective, a some sketches of 2d vs 3d ornamentation of interior.

3d decoration of teatro vs. 2d painted decoration one a continuation of the other

again showing the relationship between 2d and 3d decoration in the teatro

VILLA ROTONDA- asymmetrical lot coverage yet asymmetrical building, some of the egress leads to push right up against the edge of the lot, long dramatic procession to one of the entrees

Long procession to Villa Rotonda Enterance

View of the approach to Villa Rotonda

Sketch of the symmetry and the square proportions of the plan of Villa Rotonda


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