Shabbat in Padua

It is still on of my first days in Italy and I am trying to understand and quantify what is making padua on of the first italian cities I have seen so unique. Over shabbat I started to isolate some of the characteristics of the city that are so italian and different to the cities i have seen in the past. The first and major aspect of the city that is different are the enormous amounts of arcades that are present on the city streets to shade the pedestrians from the hot Mediterranean sun. Walking is such an essential part of transportation in this city and clearly the city values that and makes attempts to make the pedestrian comfortable. Also, what I noticed and loved where the amount of people riding bikes to get around, even older women wearing dresses or sandals where riding bike looking like they were on their way to a fancy dinner. This was just a refreshing site that I found interesting and note worthy through out my day in Padua.


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