Architects of the Vento

Palladio Villa Barbaro- shows natural progression of approach to the villa in section

Villa Barbara- Symetercial design, has a typical Palladian pediment in the center, very axial, Minimal articulation of detail

Palladio Bridge in town of Bassano Del Grappa- bridge splits up two sides of the town

Overlay Bridge simplistic and minimal typical of Palladio’s style, structure is exposed and monumental is design compared to actual walking path

Tempio Di Possagno- Classical in Style, amazing slanted procession into temple, very sculptural and monumental piece.

Scarpa addition to Museo Canova- Scarpa proposes white painted steel acrade in interior with complement the delicate and ethereal quality of the sculptors. re-enter corners at each corner of one of Scarpa’s galleries provide a light source from above, casting direct light on to the statues

re-entree corner detail

Scarpa Addition-window into one of the galleries, very scarpa window mullion detail probably influenced my Mies

Scarpa addition for Museum- Mullions of window look like they have been inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe

Villa Emo- Palladio very axial site plan building is set perpendicular to procession to plantation, and in section a short of site symmetry can be observed both from the front and back of the villa the approach is the same from plantation to garden to villa

Shot approaching Villa Emo, again Distinct Palladian features are repeated in this building, the central Pediment, minimal orientation, and the arcade.


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