Back to Venice for a little Scarpa and Palladio

Gondola Body Shop- 200 years ago Venetian City government mandated that all Gondolas be painted black

Procession from Canal to Church, Very active plaza outside of church, grand stair leading up about 16 steps,and the stair shape looks like a half of an octagon. The half-octagonal shape of the stair helps engage the plaza no matter with direction a visitor approaches from, because stair can lead you up to the church from any direction. The above sketches are showing a site site section of the Plaza of approaching the Church and a small plan of the plaza.

PALLADIO’s SAN GIORGIO MAGGIORE- approch to Church is similar to the one depicted earlier Similar Direct access from vaporetto, and the Church yet again is directly on the waterfront.

The edge conditions between the Canal and SAN GIORGIO MAGGIORE.. A series of Shallow steps that meet the water at sea level and rise a few feet up to meet the plaza. Beautiful to sit and walk how the water breaks.

CARLO SCARPA’s FONDAZIONE QUERINI STAMPALIA- Notice scarpa’s exagerattion of the mundane everyday objects found in building


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