Shabbat stroll to the Pantheon

This Shabbat was my first day in Rome. Since we are living in Garbatella which is a residential neighborhood outside of the center of Rome I decided to venture out of our neighborhood and see if I could walk to the Pantheon. I studied the map for a little while in the Hotel Room in the morning to find the best way to walk there. Being my first day in the city I could not perceive what would be the best way to walk there or how far it would be, but i ended up memorizing a few key street names and decided to ask the hotel if it was even possible to walk to the pantheon from our hotel.

To my pleasant surprise Goergio the friendly italian who worked at the front desk in the morning told me it was completely possible to walk there. He said he does the walk often even though it could take over an hour or so to get there. He suggested that I take the path that is along the Tiber river. So I studied the map in the hotel a little further and set out on my Journey to find the Pantheon with out a map in hand just relying on my memory and the streets of Rome to help me find my way.

Walking to the Pantheon turned out to be a great way for me to familiarize myself with the city seeing a majority of the waterfront and how it related to major sites in the city such as the colosseum , the pantheon , piazza di nuaovna and neighborhoods outside the ancient city center.

Below is the path I took to get to the Pantheon


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