Spanish Steps, Piazza di Popollo, Zaha Hadid MAXXI

Spanish Steps- Completed in 1717 with 138 steps , Piazza Containing an early barque fountain of Bernini’s. Sections of Spanish steps as well as a drawing showing how people tend to sit on the steps.

Plan drawing of Piazza del Popolo with the “twin towers of Rome” water color analytque

Piazza del Popolo

Spanish Steps

Sketch Interior Stair Case of the Zaha Hadid MaXXI Museum

Interior Stair case of the MaXXI Sketch also highlighting the Red linear elements hanging along the main central stair

Circulation Diagram of the MAXXI

Interior Views of the MAXXI

Renzio Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica containing an auditorium with three beetle-like buildings around it


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