A new fresh perspective on Rome’s Antiquity

Capitaline Hill- Michelangelo
Michelangelo was dramatic in his design of Capitaline hill, he compresses and expands the space to create the dramatic affect. The two Buildings on the side positioned on daignoal in relation to the plaza at one end compressing
the space and on the other end expanding the space.

The Design of a radiating six pointed star design on of the pavement in the center of the Plaza add the the drama of the space

Terme di Caricalla The Main Axis of the Terme, the bath it self was a symeterical building having a similar plan on both side. Proposed that half was for women and other for men and some mixed baths in the
middle .

Striking how thick the walls of the terme are. All filled with masonry not hollow

Elevation of the Terme, view in fornt where all the acient shops are proposed to be.

Relationship Between old and New archiecture in Rome. Struggles of restorartion how can you really recreate original reality. Current day Rome is struggleing with wanting to maintain
its Historic Sites and balancing the desire to design new archictecture. Basically How to mix the old with the new is the problem. And many laws exist in the italian goverment to make this
mixture even harder.
Interesting Topic Immobility vs. Cannabalism
compare rome with new york, for new york old is 20 years for rome old is 2000 or more
the idea behind Cannabalism is that you can destory inorder to preserve
Transfer of memory of a site, something could be famous before it is even built

Train in Graffitied Train in Rome-Reminds me of New York in the 1970’s


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