Villa’s of Tivoli- Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este

Identifying Joints at Hadrian’s Villa

Hadrian’s Villa Joint 1- connection between building with fish pond the imperial palace and the Maritime theatre. All where places of residence, building with fish pond discovered to have been more of a permeant residence for Hadrian because it had heating, the imperial palace was more for show and to host guests and the maritime theatre was secluded residence the water around it emphasized privacy. Hadrian used it as a private retreat. All these housing typologies are located within a five minute walking distance of each other. Considering the expansive estate their proximity was probably intentional.


Hadrian’s Villa Joint 3- Direct Site plan relationship between the site Pecile and the Canopus. Axial straight procession between the two dramatic water features on the estate.

Remaining Colonnade at the Imperial Palace

Canopus- Hadrian’s Villa

Remaining Colonnade around the Canopus-Hadrian’s Villa

Villa D’Este Plan in Tivoli outside of Rome, Villa was Built in the Sixteenth Century. The Gardens of the villa are very axial in plan with intersecting cross axis. The Gardens of the Villa contain many water features in the form of typical fountains to following along the banister of the the stairs in the garden. The Garden itself is on a fairly steep hill which aids to its unique quality.

Water Color emphasizing the axiality of the Gardens and the Uniqueness of its water features

Longitudinal Section through the Villa’s Gardens


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