Siena-Campo,Duomo,Palazzo Pubblico

Plan of the Campo Showing the 11 different entries into the space

Section through the Camp, showing the grade change of the plaza

another section through the Campo expressing the conical shape of the campo

Visit to the Palazzo Pubblico, walked around from room to room noticed the elaborate drawing on the walls of the rooms some depicting elements of religious power and others of the power of the secular goverment in siena. We were asked to analyze on wall drawing in particular called Allegoria ed effetti and identify what was considered good government vs.bad government in the wall mural. I identified good government as represented by agriculture, unity in the community and commerce and bad government as war hunger and sickness

Plan of the Piazza of the Duomo on top and a elevation drawing of the Piazza looking straight towards the Duomo using the read lines to represent the height datam lines in the space

A Watercolor drawing of the Campanile of the Duomo.


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