Artist Residence Siena

A design proposal for an artists’ retreat. Functions to include
identical small private cells and separate private art/design studios for (7) visiting artists. Each will be in residence for 6 months.
Communal facilities to include library, study, dining for 14, kitchen,
vegetable/herb garden, laundry, and cloister.One primary architectural stair to be included.On special occasions, the public will be invited into Retreat to view artists’ work and studios.

SITE SELECTION: Between Residenza Porrione and Porta Romana, along
routes leading to city walls.

Team- ME, Anthony, Hooman, and Tom

Site Selected: Building Facade near Il Pano in the shell contrada and the backyards of three adjacent buildings.

We proposed to Keep the original medieval building facade to be sensitive to the typical Seines street vocabulary of red brick buildings 4 to 5 stories high with large windows and shutters.

Behind the original building facade we proposed to create a modular network of gallery and studios spaces that can be adjusted to the artists needs with limitations to adaptation being that they had to relate to the original building facades sequence of windows and could not grow around the designated cloister area.

Diagram showing site strategy

Site Plan of chosen site with our proposed artist’s studio

Site model, site made out of cardboard modular pobs that make up the artist studio space and galleries made out of white strathmore, and circulation spine defining the cloister made from wire

Site Model

Close up of Modular pobs

Over all Section of Artist Studio, coming from the original building facade and spilling over onto the Tuscan Valley

Drawing of a typical artist studio space contained in a single pod


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