Planning Strategy for a Music Hall in La Lizza Park

Develop a planning strategy proposal for the development and evolution of the La Lizza Park site as a home for a new program of music and music-related facilities. The strategy is intended to lay out not only a conceptual direction for program and for architectural form and space on the site; it is also to recommend a process of accretion and
growth whereby essential program components could be added to over time in response to changing conditions
– cultural, technical, or economic. Changes could include new or different program components to supplement or
complement the core mission of the endeavor and/or the neighborhood and urban context in which the site occurs.
Proposal limits are defined by the curb edges of La Lizza Park. Existing site conditions and uses should be taken
into account and addressed.

Site Strategy for La Lizza Park Proposal

Influenced by the FORTEZZA JAZZ FESTIVAL performance. During the Performance I observed that the jazz musicians would sometimes play their instruments to try to harmonize with each other and also would spontaneously diverge from the harmonizing group sound to explore the instrument they were playing separately form the main beat ,thereby creating the scattered and random yet rhythmical jazz composition. From this I related the scattered and organic yet centralized properties of the jazz composition to the organization of the city of Siena. On one hand Siena’s Streets seem random and scattered yet they all seem to collect at important focal points in the city such as the Campo or the Doumo and other minor pizza’s and public openings throughout the cities fabric.

Exisiting site plan of la lizza Park

Exisitng parking Plan of the park. the whole perimeter of the park is surrounded by either parked cars,vespas,or buses. Would be a major obstacle for people attending this future Musica Hall

Existing Parking boundary in black and Existing Tree organization in green

Phased Site Strategy, Orange location of Music Halls one covered year round Hall the other secondary smaller open air performance space, yellow development of seating space for the park users. and pink redevelopment of original bus terminal entrance to be more integrated with new site strategy

Phase 2 of Site Strategy: Completion of covered music Hall and secondary outdoor Performance Space. Public seating surrounding the perimeter of the music Halls to create Public Piazza’s that face outwards towards the city (yellow). The Music Hall (orange) it self would be slightly sunk underground to interact well with the seating creating for the public and perserve the openness of La Lizza Park. Completion of New entrance into the bus ticket area as well as a underground parking garage that would alleviate some of the on street parking also a new parking policy would be adapted restricting where cars can park around La Lizza park

Site Organization Concept- scattered yet centralized quality of a jazz song related to the Organization of the Seines street network Used as a way to organize the program on the site. With the Continous linear red lines scattering to allow for the stage of the music hall and collecting to create performance hall seating as well as public seating space.

Entrance into the New Bus Terminal and in general the Main entrance to La Lizza Music Complex

Continuous Strands expanding and contracting to create public seating areas, music hall seating areas and entrance into the new bus terminal

seating in the new Music Hall with retractable roof for summer or warm weather

Piazza and Playground created at the tip of the park, next to the enterence to Fortezza so people going and coming from concerts there have a place to gather before and after they come from a show


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