Second trip to Venice, Florence Doumo

Basilica Di San Lorenzo has a very rustic Quality with the textured stone facade and usually the corner that the church is on is occupied by street vendors selling a wide collection of leather goods. Very crowded space.

Perspective of Piazza della S.S. Annunziata by Michelangelo symmetrical arcaded buildings on both sides of the Piazza that are identical in design and are an interesting shade of gray in materiality . People often sit on the steps of these buildings.

Plan and section of the Piazza. Showing the Height of the buildings to the width of the Piazza Space and expressing the identical arcaded buildings with seats today used as seating by tourists on the perimeter of the open space

Revealing of Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome in the street scape of the city

The Portion of the actual dome to its base appears somewhat awkward. The dome is so tall and wide compared to the relatively short base that it sits on.

coloring and patterning of the Doumo is very vibrant and complex. With the green color that is sometimes used as the positive space of the pattern and other times used as the negative

Sketch of the window of the Doumo intricate set in windows with complex decoration and patterning around it.

The Baptistery Separate from the Doumo and has an octagonal Shape. It is built in the Romanesque style and is renowned for its three Bronze doors.

Patterning on the Doumo facade


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